Maximum Production Output With
Cutting Of Multiple Panels

Computer Controlled Beam Saw Machine

Saw cutting length 3280 mm
Saw cutting thickness 90mm
Diameter of main saw blade Θ 400mm
Diameter of main saw blade shaft Θ 60mm
Revolving speed of main saw blade 3930 r/min
Diameter of scoring saw blade Θ 180mm
Revolving speed of scoring saw blade 6500r/min
Advance speed of saw base (stepless) 9-50 m/min
Back speed of saw base 100 m/min
Drive motor of saw base 1 kw
Drive motor of main saw blade 15 kw
Automatic feeding motor 1.5 kw
Automatic feeding speed 50m/min
Operating pressure 5 ~ 8 kg/cm
Net weight of device 62420 kg
External dimensions (l. x W x H) 5830 x 6630 x 1810 mm

Note : Technical specifications may be changed without any prior notice. Product images are just for the reference.